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Types of Forex Analysis

There are two types of analysis which are generally used by the Forex traders to keep a track of the Exchange market. These are:

Fundamental Analysis

Technical Analysis

Fundamental analysis includes a detailed study of the basic and primary elements which have and can potentially manipulate the financial system of a certain thing. This type of technique is often used to study and forecast the various trends like price action and market trends. These predictions are done mainly through evaluating fiscal indicators, public factors within a company and administration policies.

When it comes to financial markets, fundamentals are the key. Fundamentalists can easily tell you how did any particular market trends occur and what will they be at the current hour or minute and further significantly, at what time and at which price will they be in the near future.

Market traders are divided into the two; they are either Fundamentalists, or Technicians. But the fact is that it is kind of difficult to survive in the Forex market with one of the two techniques. What is needed is the right blend of the two to form a perfect picture of the current market and price trends.

A Forex trader should always be aware of the fact that any financial market is influenced by many factors apart from its past trends and movements. Many issues such as political and financial pressures, national issues and social order define to a great extent, the way most of the financial markets move.

While Fundamental analysis is a very successful technique to predict monetary conditions of the market, it can somewhat lack in determining the exact market rates and prices. For example, just by studying a financial forecast of the political and fiscal reports, it cannot be guaranteed that you will be benefiting from them. What is important is to know the right and accurate way to utilize the information by setting up accurate entry and exit points for a particular trading position.

Fundamental analysis is mostly studied using a multitude of empirical data to devise a strategy with an effort to predict the current market movement as well as future prices.

Technical analysts are of the opinion that factors like market fundamentals, hopes and fears of the people need not be studied in detail to understand the market well.
According to them, market moves in a rather predictable manner and these moves can be predicted by studying various past patterns and trends. Technicians believe that markets move in trends and that history repast itself. And therefore, they are not as unpredictable as they seem.

Technical analysts use systematic methods to predict market movements such as price charts, volume charts, and other studies to estimate future market values.

After doing so mush of analysis of the past trends and flows, it becomes very difficult for the technical analysts to not rely on their findings a 100%. After using technical analysis to foresee the market trends, it is necessary for the traders to set up strict entry and exit levels, and stay with their pre planned strategies rather than deviating from it at the last moment.

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