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Risky Forex

Along with the Profits, which is the main reason for the traders to trade Forex, it is extremely important to be conversant with the Losses as well, which one can encounter while trading. While it can be easily said that all financial investments are capable of offering some risk or another, the risk involved while trading foreign exchange deals and trades can be extensive at times. Forex does have the capacity to make its traders go into tremendous loss or low with their deals, because of it being a highly volatile market.

Hence, if you are taking into consideration, the idea of trading with Foreign Exchange market, it is important for you to think about the risks or at times, the frauds connected to the trading market, to help you in making more sensible and conversant decisions.

It should be made clear to all who are willing to dive into this Forex trading market, that Foreign Exchange is not a place suited for each and everyone who have money to invest. Carrying along with it a substantial amount of risk, trading with Forex should be done rather cautiously. For instance, a specific amount of “Risk Capital” should be kept aside for trading. These should be the only funds to be used while dealing in highly speculative foreign currency trading. “Risk Capital” represents the funds which one can manage to bear a loss with, without upsetting his/her home financial conditions.

There are many reasons due to which a trader might suffer losses in his Forex trade. The most important one being, that in this speculative yet volatile market, no one knows when the markets will turn against you. And while investing huge amounts of money, although everyone is hoping for the market to go in their favor, there are really chances for market to go along favoring all of them together.

Everyone takes the risks, but while some have to bear the loss, others win profits. Not much can be done with the risk percentage involved while trading, but yes, there are some aspects of market trading which if kept in mind, can prepare a trader for worse, as well as alert him to make wiser trading decisions. Some of these aspects are mentioned below.

Your trading platform could crash

If you are trading Forex using an electronic platform like computer, internet or telephone, then there are chances for your system to crash at any hour. This may unable you to get the current and latest of what’s going on the market for a while, till your system gets repaired.

Such a situation may result in making you inaccessible in the market for some while, hence you may not be able to place new orders, carry out existing orders, or close the previously entered orders. Such a situation may result in a loss of orders and the opportunities to close the deals, if any.
Opting for Off exchange

If you plan to opt for trading Forex through Off exchange methods, then you are totally relying on your dealer and his honesty. Off-exchange Forex trades are not backed by any clearing group or firm. So, if your dealer goes bankrupt, there are chances that no organization will be willing to back you up as here, you chose to trade with a dealer, out of the market trading. And since no market norms were followed while fixing the price of the currencies to be exchanged, your money is likely to get no insurance cover too.

Since there is no central place for Off exchange trading, it likely, that the trading you do with your dealer outside the Forex market, is not regulated. This is because the dealer is the one here, who is determining the effecting price, so you are solely banking on his honesty for a correct price and fair deal.

The market could go in opposition to you

Forex is a highly volatile market and predicting its movements can be impossible at times. No one can predict entirely how the market will move? That is the main reason why it has a high speculation rate to it.
Definitely if you go buy studying the past trends and patterns of the market, you can still make out roughly about the market movements, but certainty is not possible. Fluctuations in the currency exchange prices or rates can affect your trade or deals. The market can move in favor or against you any time, resulting in possible profit or loss.

Frauds or Scams

Forex is a highly potential market for frauds and scam artists. Although the market is significantly safer and cleaner to trade now, than it was a few years ago, care should still be taken while dealing with a broker. Always check the documents before signing any contract and read the terms and conditions fully. Being vigilant is the key to safe trading. Also, always prefer to deal with professional brokers who are attached to reputed financial firms and banks. Also, registered brokers such as those listed with the Commodities Futures Trading Commission or the National Futures Association should be preferred.

Also, beware of any brokers or financial firms offering too good schemes or deals, with very low or no risk trading guarantees. The brokers claiming to offer higher returns should also be thoroughly checked before signing up with them and starting to trade.

All the above mentioned risks can be avoided by keeping into consideration that any of this can happen to you while trading. Keeping this in mind will keep you prepared about the consequences that you can face and hence, help you make wiser and informed trading decisions.

Although we know by now that Forex is a risky business, there are a few measures, which have been created to limit, if not completely stop, a trader’s financial risks.

Firstly, every investor should try and develop his/her own trading strategy. Be it technical, fundamental, or both, every trader needs to follow a strategy which logically backs the trading decisions that he is making. All the market trading should be done using the money which you can afford to lose, not affecting your home finances, in case the market decides to go against you. Also clearly mark your entry and exit points with every deal you make.

Along with the entry and exit points, a trader also needs to posses thorough knowledge about the past trends of the market. How to make graphs, how to study the financial graphs and how to read, understand and aptly interpret the indicators and chart movements correctly is very important.

There is a huge amount of information available easily these days on this 24 hour market, but what needs to be taken into consideration is the information which is relevant, to our trade.

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