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Are you an “obsessed to win” trader?

Traders of all kinds have always been attracted towards Forex trading with the basic motive to make profits, and to win as much as they can. The thrill to enter the market, the adventure to bid the money, and the attempt to predict the unpredictable drives investors to this largest Foreign Exchange market in the world.

But what we as traders do not realize is that unknowingly, our emotions can make us trade incorrectly.

There is no doubt that entering Forex market can open a lot many avenues for you as a trader to explore large money making prospects easily accessible with the Forex trading these days. People from various genres, class and gender enter the Forex world on a daily basis, just for the hope of winning it all and experiencing the great style and life of a money-making Forex trader.

But, while get easily floored by the profits and winnings of a successful Forex trader, what is easily forgotten is the fact that while there are quiet a few traders who are winning at the Forex market one day, they can always be the ones who can lose all their winnings the very next day!

What needs to be understood is that Forex trading market is just like a war front, where you have every possibility to lose the battle as much as you have to win it. It is a war where you can easily lose all your capital and confidence if you do not act sensibly in your wars in opposition to the Forex market

Forex market can often act as a clever, frightening and a somewhat wicked enemy at times too. This is exactly why every move in the Forex trading market should be a planned and organized move. You, as a trader should never be unprepared when inside the trading system once. With such a volatile market as the Forex, anything can happen anytime. In the world of Forex market, the first thing that can go against you while trading is your over confidence to win.

An obsession to win for a trader, can become a benefit for the market, making it easier for your enemy to defeat you, as you become overpowered by your emotions.
A lot many traders and investors believe in the strategy of never to close a trade until or unless it is turning into a profitable one. An approach which can surely lead them to a series of losses. Also, many investors think that the assumptions and predictions they have made on a particular trade, based on some trading indicator and industrial analysis will always churn out accurate and right results for them.

Believing that the Forex market will begin performing in the exact same way in which they had predicted, even if the trading graphs and charts clearly indicate the opposite, is foolishness. An attempt which can make traders lose all their money on false anticipations. No wise Forex trader will trade with such illusions in his mind. In reality, the market can any moment, move against or with you. Such a behavior while trading will only lead you to continuously pouring in your money into losses, which will obviously be market’s gains.

You will be easily defeated by your own obsession of wining which will at the end of the day, turn into a loss for you instead of being profitable.

So, always keep in mind never to be obsessed with emotions and trade Forex.


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