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Asian bonuses are little depressing

Friday, October 9th, 2009

Fischer of Fed has said that they are prepared with their exit plans but they are also not denying that deflationary pressure remains the key matter. The trading scarcity of Australia for the month of August is more than actually predicted i.e. at A$-1522 Mln and it was predicted at A$-848 Mln. UK Independent says that Arabian states have started undisclosed moves with countries like Russia, France, China, and Japan to discontinue use of USD for the trade of the oil.

With this story it has placed a trend for USD sale across Asia. The motor vehicle sales of Australia have increased by 4.8 percent. Fuji of Japan has said that BOJ should think about the economic viewpoint prior to coming to a decision whether rto should stop their December’s corporate debt buying.

The market is surprised with the sudden increase of rate of interest by 25bps by RBA. The Asian Bourses is a little down, the gold has increased at 1018.00, and oil flat has increased by $70.44. With the article of UK Independent, it has made USD to drop along with RBA increasing the rates by 24 bps witnessed USD and USD depreciating against other currencies. USDJPY came down from NY close to assess the bids at 88.00, plunging down without any follow through on the believed stops.

Additional bids are believed to be spread out back to 88.18. EURSD did a towering trading; more in one way, along with fewer pullbacks which is approximately 1.4698 after the news of American Dollar became public. It finally tested the double top at 1.4719 riding the AUDUSD boom after the declaration of rate rise. The major threat today was the decision regarding the rate by RBA. The decision was not at all expected by the market and it has left everyone surprised.

By the morning release of the worse, the AUDUSD didn’t get influenced than probable business shortfall number, but it increased from 8764 to 8844 with the declaration of 25 rbs rate increase by RBA. According to RBA, the economic situation of Australia is better than predicted and the confidence level is back and have cautioned about the rate increase in the coming days.