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Analysis stages in Forex

It will not be wrong if we say that Forex traders lead their lives, living on the edge. You never know what’s going to happen the next moment. In this currency world of speculations, instincts, calculations and uncertainties, the market experiences one moment of total harmony, and the next one of absolute commotion.
Amidst such high degrees of speculation and large amount of money at stake, can we precisely foretell the trend this market is going to follow each time? And furthermore, can we bet high capital on it?

For all this, we first need to be clear with the basics. The basics which tell us exactly what causes the market to move in the direction it does? What makes it follow the trend it does? Why are different traders trading with same currency using different strategies? Answers to all these questions can be a little tricky especially knowing that every trader senses different set of indications and warnings each time the market moves.

Every trader has his personal instinct behind his decision of buying or selling a currency, keeping in mind the atmosphere in the market. But there is still something that every sensible Forex trader does, Analysis! Before investing a sum of money in the market, any sensible trader would want to analyze the market, get full knowledge of the situation and be equipped to forecast what movement the market might take in the future. And to do this analysis, a trader must keep in mind the six important stages of analysis in Forex trading, which are:

Who tells us about the people involved with Forex who form the market and bring about action in it.

Why is about comprehending the outlook of the Forex market and the openings or prospects which it provides to its traders.

Where tell us to match our goals with the goals a genuine and professional dealer.

When tells us about the right time when our trades can bring us maximum efficiency.

What is all about choosing a trading medium or currency pair on the basis of your budget and investment principle.

How is about choose a trading toolkit which will help us advance our trading skills and techniques.

Every trader requires building up a fanatical sense of the Forex market and what’s happening in it and around them. Not every move of the currency market can be predicted though, but we can definitely try developing an understanding of the situation and the environment of the market.

What all the above mentioned six stages do is help us in creating more advantageous trading options. With the systematic and balanced use of these stages, we can easily create and execute a complete trading plan, the one that covers all the major trading aspects and angles.

It is important to understand who actually trades Forex? Also needed to be known are the participants, and the reasons for their success and failure. This will help us make use of the points which lead to successful results and avoid the ones which led to a loss.

To know why to trade Forex at the first place is the very reason why we should be interested in trading with it. Only if we know the advantages and disadvantages of this market will we be able to make up our minds for or against trading Forex.

It is also important to know from where we should trade. Always choose the right trading platform or broker who can professionally allow your trading style to mingle with its approach.

For deciding upon what to trade for, we should always choose a currency pair and money management method which will boost your returns.

Deciding on when you should trade is also an important aspect to be kept in mind before you start to trade. Always advisable is to trade when the situation you are in, is most liable to generate the best circumstances for you to execute your trading methods and techniques.

Choosing on how to trade should always be done keeping in mind the usage of those methods that make best use of your skills and also help you follow the previously well-known successful traders of the market.


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